art prints oozing with nostalgia

80s Nostalgia Art Prints

80s Nostalgia art prints

Growing up in the 80s had its drawbacks compared to being a kid today. We had to use rotary phones and physical maps. But apart from those two things, everything else was a thousand times more epic! Why? because our special effects were made of rubber, our videos were made of plastic, our movies were originals and our action figures had more muscles than a fisherman’s lunch.

Who am I?

I’m an artist and a child of the chromest, action-figurest, green-slimiest decade in history. I want this site to be a kind of time machine to the 1980s where I can cope with the passing of my childhood through the medium of digital paint and I want you to join me in my nostalgic quest for glory. Check out my art gallery here.

Nostalgia Art Prints

At VHS Slime there’s a growing selection of 80s nostalgia art prints available to purchase in my web store (coming soon). Subscribe to my email list to be notified when new work is available!


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80s nostalgia art prints